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Winner - iYork top Indian Restaurant award 2015! A firm favourite with all of the staff at iYork, come and check out the best Indian Restaurant in York.

Brand new in 2015 with an exclusive refurbishment and exciting new menu, whilst retaining the same exceptional flavours and spice of traditional Desi Khana. Located on the bustling Micklegate known for its excellent bars and just a couple of minutes walk from York Railway Station, Jinnah is the no.1 Indian Restaurant in York!

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159 dishes found in total

Chicken Wings£3.50
Jinnahs Veg Mix (for 2-4-6 or more) Suitable For Vegetarians £3.50
Onion Bhaji Suitable For Vegetarians £3.50
Jinnahs sizzling mix (for 2-4-6 or more) £3.95
Chatt Patta Chicken£3.95
Samosa (Meat/Veg) Suitable For Vegetarians £3.95
Sindhi Fried Chicken£3.95
Chicken Tikka £3.95
Chicken Chaat£4.25
Jinnahs Non Veg Mix (for 2-4-6 or more)£4.25
Malai Tikka Chicken £4.25
Cheesey Chicken£4.25
Lamb Chops£4.25
Prawn PureeFish Dish £4.25
Seekh Kebab£4.25
Tawa Kebab £4.25
Jinnahs Special Mix (for 4-6-8 or more) £4.50
King Prawn Puree £4.95
King Prawn Butterfly Fish Dish £4.95
Punjabi Masala FishFish Dish £4.95
Fish PakoraFish Dish £4.95
Tuna KebabFish Dish £4.95
Jinnahs Special Sea Food Mix (for 2-4-6 or more) Fish Dish £5.95
Tandoori King Prawns Fish Dish £5.95
Indian - Curry
Pepper Garlic Chilli Vegetable (Spicy) Suitable For Vegetarians £7.95
Shahi Vegetable Masala (Mild) Suitable For Vegetarians £7.95
Jinnahs Special Vegetable Karahi (Spicy) Suitable For Vegetarians £7.95
Vegetable Malai (Mild) Suitable For Vegetarians £7.95
Special Vegetable Bhuna (Medium) Suitable For Vegetarians £7.95
Vegetable Handi (Spicy) Suitable For Vegetarians £7.95
Vegetable Delight (Mild) Suitable For Vegetarians £7.95
Special Vegetable Rogan Josh (Medium) Suitable For Vegetarians £7.95
Dhal Masala - (Spicy) Suitable For Vegetarians £7.95
Sag Paneer (Medium) Suitable For Vegetarians £7.95
Tuna Balachao Fish Dish £8.50
Tuna, palm vinegar and red chilli create one of the most famous Goan specialities. Sweet flavours are balanced with aromatic spices.
Nawabi Khana£8.95
The most complex of all the great curries, comprising of twentyone ingredients, each roasted individually prior to being grained.
Afghani £8.95
Usually cooked only for royalty. Cooked very gently in a rich sauce with finely chopped spring onions and sprinkled over with corriander.
Fauladi £8.95
Marinated in aphrodisiac. Cooked with lots of fresh herbs & spices to a strong strength. Made with fresh green chillies
Agni Karahi £8.95
Cooked with onions, capsicum, garlic, ginger and fresh coriander.
Karachi Flavour£8.95
A mixture of tender lamb, curried with minced chicken breast, spinach and tomatoes. Spiced with garlic, ginger and garnished with egg.
Mirchi Korma£8.95
Spicy korma Kashmiri style
Lemon Chilli £8.95
Marinated in a spicy sauce with fresh lemon, spring onion, red onion, garlic, ginger paste & black pepper. Sprinkled with fresh Dhania.
Zaikadaar £8.95
Consists of fresh chillies, tomatoe, garlic ginger, spinach, cheese and Jinnahs selection of herbs & spices to spoil your taste buds. Karachi Flavour Medium
Masaledar £8.95
The most famous common spiced blend flavours enhance and draw out the star ingrediants. The recipe is modern with explosive flavours, it will change your perceptions of our food so that you will contemplate eating. Cooked with red onions, coloured capsicum, plum tomatoes & lots of chillis.
Handi £8.95
Relatively sophisticated dish developed for the Mongul emperor. Easy young meat such as lamb, calf or spring chicken always used for this dish, so its easy to break with your fingers avoiding the need of cutlery. Its knack of course aided greatly by using chappatti nan as a type of cutlery to carry it in your mouth. The once all powerful Shah of Asia said that eating with a knife & fork was like making love through an interpreter.
Nepalese Style Lamb or Chicken£8.95
Jinnahs frustration echoes from around the world. Race, religion, age, gender we all united in our intention to eat well. Food can cause havoc with our pysches as well as our bodies, food is fuel, we have to eat so it may as well be tasty. A little of what you fancy and alot of what you need is the way to go. So trust the chef
A dish splendidly created to tantilise your taste buds. A blend of herbs & spices
Ginger Spice£8.95
Chicken or lamb flavoured with fresh ginger & lots of fresh herbs & spices
Panch Rangia£8.95
Diced pieces of chicken or lamb marinated & cooked in tantilising mixed pickles, masala laced with fresh green chilli & fresh coriander
Marinated in fresh lemon juice, capsicum, onion, fresh green chilli & bullet chilli.
Pubjabi Taste £8.95
Made with fresh green chillies, cloves, cumin seeds, blackpepper sprinkled over with coriander.
Garlic Chilli £8.95
Flavoured with fresh garlic, green chilli, capsicum & sprinkled over with fresh corriander
Munchurian £8.95
A fusion of flavours with traditonal herbs & spices, cooked with fresh tomatoes, sugar, chillies and sprinkled with coriander.
Cooked with fresh green chilli, fresh garlic, ginger & spinach.
Butter Chicken£8.95
Grilled chicken cooked with butter, almonds, sultanas & fresh cream
Noakhali £8.95
A typical Bengoli style dish to suit the sensitive pallet.
Our Chefs creation, cooked in a mild sauce with mango, creamy & sweet.
Chasani Karahi£8.95
This dish reflects the modern attitude and mood rather than the traditional spicy recipe of our kitchens. You will be impressed
Hawaiian £8.95
Cooked with ground coconut, pineapple and mango chutney. Sprinkled over with fresh coriander & spring onion.
Kashmiri Prawn Rogan Josh Fish Dish £8.95
Prawns cooked with special herbs & spices. Topped with fresh tomatoes.
Lightly spiced sauce with a variety of fresh herbs & spices, fresh tomatoes, plain yoghurt & garden mint.
Baluchistani £8.95
Exceptionally smooth and rich, cooked with plum tomatoes, cheese, pineapple, lemon and herbs & spices.
Makhani £8.95
Cooked in butter, cheese and traditional light herbs & spices. It is rich creamy and cheesy
Cooked with fruit. It is mild, creamy, nutty & fruity.
Andhari Raath£8.95
Delicately flavoured with fresh herbs & spices, cooked with coconut powder and sultanas. With a touch of Tia Maria.
Rajastani £8.95
Selected Kashmiri herbs and spices with fresh tomatoes, capsicum, lemon, spring onion, garlic and ginger, green chilli and eggs. The result is an astonishing blend of flavours. Perfect with Tandoori Roti or Nan Bread
Parsi £8.95
Persian dish lavishly garnished with fresh garlic, spring onion, ginger, green chilli, tomatoes, lemon and chana dall.
Cooked with Jinnahs own created mild sauce. Nutty & Fruity!
Shalimar Karahi£8.95
Jinnahs own creation. Slighty spiced, to taste the flavour of the curry, with fresh capsicum, garlic, ginger and a touch of cream.
Amazing mixture of mild and creamy sauce to suit the weaker pallet.
Kashmiri £8.95
A fragrant dish lightly sweetened by the addition of pineapple, lychees and creamed coconut. Garnished with sliced banana
Chicken La Jawab £8.95
Almonds and coconut impart a sumptuous richness to this lightly spiced dish, fresh cream and a touch of sugar, herbs and spices.
Malai £8.95
The subtle flavour is complimented by the cheese,fresh tomatoes, yoghurt and a touch of cream. Garnished over with almonds
Masala FishFish Dish £9.50
Whole piece of fish marinated in herbs & spices & deep fried
Patekedaar £9.95
Cooked with selection of lentils, Green Chilli, Lemon Juice, Fresh Garlic & Ginger, sprinkled with fried onions and topped with fresh lemon. Mirpuree -
Tandoori lamb chops cooked with spinach and Jinnahs herbs & spices with fresh tomatoes, chillies and corriander. Cooked from scratch in a rich sauce that is to die for. (Spicy & saucey)
Biryanis £9.95
Cooked basmati rice with herbs & spices and flavoured with nuts & sultana. Mixed to suit individual preference
Karahi FishFish Dish £9.95
Fish cooked in traditional herbs & spices with fresh green chilli, coriander.
Nihari £10.95
Slow cooked pot roast shank of lamb with a special blend of herbs & spices.
Jinnah Special Karahi £10.95
In a rich sauce. Neatly spiced with many different flavours.
Seafood PlaterFish Dish £10.95
A selection of seafood marinated in sensitive spices (Served Sizzling)
Garlic Chilli King PrawnFish Dish £11.95
Highly flavoured with fresh garlic, green chillies, capsicum and tomatoes
King Prawn Rajala Fish Dish £11.95
Cooked with almonds, coconut and sultanas. Sprinkled over with nuts & poppy seeds.
King Prawn Agni (Medium) Fish Dish £11.95
King prawn cooked in our Chefs own special thick sauce with garlic, ginger, capsicum, tomatoes
King Prawn Delight Fish Dish £11.95
Our Chefs creation to suit the weaker palette cooked in a mild sauce
King Prawn Malai Fish Dish £11.95
This indulgent dish is from the subcontinent. The subtle flavour of the king prawn is beautifully complimented by the cheese, fresh tomatoes, yoghurt and touch of cream.
Vegetable Thali (Mixture of strengths) Suitable For Vegetarians £12.95
Jinnahs Special Seafood KarahiFish Dish £12.95
Seafood cooked in a very rich sauce with a variety of flavours
Royal Thali £17.50
An amazing array of lamb, chicken, seafood & veg dishes - with a selection of sundries, “fit for the king”
Indian - Balti
Pathan Balti £8.95
Lamb cooked with fresh spinach leaves, ginger & capsicum
Shensha Balti £8.95
With fresh tomatoes, slightly spiced with a touch of cream, mild to medium
(Lamb, Chicken or Beef) Cooked in a balti style with fresh herbs & spices.
Jinnah Special Tandoori Balti £9.95
Lamb, Chicken, mince meat cooked over charcoal & re-cooked in a balti style.
Indian - Bhuna
Prawn BhunaFish Dish £7.50
Veg BhunaSuitable For Vegetarians £7.50
Chicken, Lamb, Beef Bhuna£7.50
Fish or King Prawns BhunaFish Dish £10.50
Indian - Dansak
Veg DhansakSuitable For Vegetarians £7.50
Chicken, Lamb, Beef Dhansak£7.50
Prawn DhansakFish Dish £7.50
Fish or King Prawns DhansakFish Dish £10.50
Indian - Dopiaza
Chicken, Lamb, Beef Dopiza£7.50
Prawn DopizaFish Dish £7.50
Veg DopizaSuitable For Vegetarians £7.50
Fish or King Prawns DopizaFish Dish £10.50
Indian - Korma
Chicken, Lamb, Beef Korma£7.50
Prawn KormaFish Dish £7.50
Veg KormaSuitable For Vegetarians £7.50
Fish or King Prawns KormaFish Dish £10.50
Indian - Madras
Chicken, Lamb, Beef Madras£7.50
Prawn MadrasFish Dish £7.50
Veg MadrasSuitable For Vegetarians £7.50
Fish or King Prawns MadrasFish Dish £10.50
Indian - Pathia
Chicken, Lamb, Beef Pathia£7.50
Prawn PathiaFish Dish £7.50
Veg PathiaSuitable For Vegetarians £7.50
Fish or King Prawns PathiaFish Dish £10.50
Indian - Rogan Josh
Veg Rogan JoshSuitable For Vegetarians £7.50
Chicken, Lamb, Beef Rogan Josh£7.50
Prawn Rogan JoshFish Dish £7.50
Fish or King Prawns Rogan JoshFish Dish £10.50
Indian - Tandoori
Chicken Stir Fry £8.95
A healthy & highly nutritious dish at the same time extremely delicious.
Chicken or Lamb Chops £8.95
Marinated & cooked in a clay oven.
Chicken Shaslick£9.95
Marinated chunks of breast cooked in a clay oven with onions, capsicum & tomatoes
Mix Stir Fry£10.95
A healthy & highly nutritious dish at the same time extremely delicious.
Tawa Special Mix £11.95
Lamb chops, kebab, beef, king prawn, chicken breast & fish lightly spiced.
Jinnah Tandoori Special £11.95
Chicken, lamb, king prawn, seekh kebab cooked in a clay oven.
King Prawn Stir FryFish Dish £11.95
A healthy & highly nutritious dish at the same time extremely delicious.
Tandoori King Prawn Fish Dish £12.95
Marinated king prawn cooked in a clay oven.
Indian - Tikka Massala
Tikka Masala£8.95
U.Ks most popular dish, cooked with our own special tandoori sauce, almond powder, coconut powder & fresh cream
Indian - Vindaloo
Chicken, Lamb, Beef Vindaloo£7.50
Prawn VindalooFish Dish £7.50
Veg VindalooSuitable For Vegetarians £7.50
Fish or King Prawns VindalooFish Dish £10.50
Side Dishes
Poppadums (plain / spicy)Suitable For Vegetarians £0.60
Chapati Suitable For Vegetarians £0.85
Tandoori RotiSuitable For Vegetarians £1.50
Pickle traySuitable For Vegetarians £2.25
Steamed Rice Suitable For Vegetarians £2.25
Pilau RiceSuitable For Vegetarians £2.25
Plain NanSuitable For Vegetarians £2.25
French Fries Suitable For Vegetarians £2.50
Hot & Spicy NanSuitable For Vegetarians £2.50
Onion/Peas RiceSuitable For Vegetarians £2.50
Mushroom or Egg RiceSuitable For Vegetarians £2.50
Lemon/Special Rice Suitable For Vegetarians £2.50
Peshwari NanSuitable For Vegetarians £2.50
Garlic NanSuitable For Vegetarians £2.50
Kulcha NanSuitable For Vegetarians £2.50
Sag AlooSuitable For Vegetarians £3.50
Tarka DallSuitable For Vegetarians £3.50
Vegetable Bhaji Suitable For Vegetarians £3.50
Bombay AlooSuitable For Vegetarians £3.50
Mushroom BhajiSuitable For Vegetarians £3.50
Sag PaneerSuitable For Vegetarians £3.50
CauliflowerSuitable For Vegetarians £3.50
Sag Bhaji Suitable For Vegetarians £3.50
Brinjal / Bindi Bhaji Suitable For Vegetarians £3.50
Family NanSuitable For Vegetarians £4.50
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