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 Inspired Birthing

Closes Today at9:00 pm
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Pregnancy and childbirth is a time to be treasured and remembered forever, for parents and baby.Do you wish for a more comfortable, easier, more natural birth?Do you want to feel calm and in control?Do you want to provide a pregnancy and birthing experience for your baby that is relaxed, and as nature intended, free as far as possible from drugs and unnecessary intervention?Whether you are interested in a home birth, hospital birth or water birth (or anything else that suits you!) HypnoBirthing offers simple, easy to learn techniques based around breathing, self-hypnosis and visualization which allow a much more natural, easier and often pain-free birth experience.The role of the birth companion is emphasized, encouraging bonding between couples, a supportive relationship, and early bonding with baby.For more details about how HypnoBirthing works see HypnoBirthing or for specific information on what to expect from the course see The Course.Based in York, North Yorkshire, Inspired Birthing is run by Rachel Randle. Rachel offers Hypnosis for Fertility and HypnoBirthing.Rachel was taught Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongan herself, the founder of this wonderful antenatal/ childbirth education programme, and is affiliated to the HypnoBirthing Institute, and the HypnoFertility Foundation.
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