Game Development

Using the Unity Game engine, we have developed a range of games - including platform builders, flight simulators, mobile. virtual reality and first person shooters.

3D Modelling

We can undertake to build accurate 3D models suitable for a range of applications, from documentaries to games. We have particular expertise in recreating historic buildings including roman forts, medieval houses, castles and defences.

Web Development

Using a range of technologies we can build dynamic websites for a range of applications

Mobile Development

We have delivered a number of mobile apps, for both android and iOS platforms, including games, tourism guides, and augmented reality apps

Virtual Reality Development

Although still in its infancy, Virtual reality is set to revolutionize immersive experiences. Primarily focusing on the Oculus Rift platform, we have completed a number of projects in this area including a horror survival and music themed platform game.

Server Side Development

We have extensive experience in server side development, delivering server side solutions for a range of applications. We primarily use mySQL and PHP technologies

Media Services

We have the facility to deliver a range of supporting media using our own in house recording studio. We have experience in a range of media solutions including bespoke soundtracks, voiceovers, folex FX and videos. We have access to a range of session musicians, actors and voiceover artists who are capable of delivering a truly professional end product