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 Roman Trail

 Founded in 71AD, York (known by the Romans as Eboracum) became one of the most important cities in the Roman Empire. Unlike most other fortress cities, it remained on the frontier of the Roman world for its entire existence, 2 emperors died and one (Constantine the Great) proclaimed emperor here. Discover York's Roman past and see for yourself the remains still visible today.

Stopping Points

The Birth of York
In this precise location, the 2000 year history of York begins
The Principia
A solitary column marks the site of the most important building in the Roman Fortress
Yorks Roman Emperor
Constantine Changed the Roman world forever
The Ghosts of the Ninth
A terrifying encounter with the Ninth Legion
The East Tower
Remains still exist of the roman corner tower
The Last Traces of the Ninth Legion
What happened to the Ninth Legion? the last evidence for them was found here, and a mystery has surrounded them ever since
The Bath House
The remains of a vast military bath house complex lie beneath this area
The Gateway
A gateway has existed in this place for nearly 2000 years
Roman Defences
A short stretch of roman wall still visible
The Multangular Tower
One of the finest examples of Roman Construction anywhere in the worl
The Anglian Tower
This late roman tower symbolises the downfall of the Roman Empire
The Colonia
York's civilian settlement
Baths fit for an emperor?
The possible location of a Roman palace